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an alternative electronic artist from Los Angeles that has built a strong following around powerful live shows that explode into psychedelic dance parties.

Originally a singer/songwriter project of Brayden Pierce, KINGDOMS took an electronic turn in 2013 after a late night, impromptu jam session with best bud, Matt Walerstein. The bromance never looked back, and Matt has since started his own music label to help Brayden get KINGDOMS off the ground. KINGDOMS has packed House of Blues Sunset, Sayers Club Hollywood, Bootleg HiFi, The Satellite and played LA Pride, Made in America Festival. People are starting to pick up on the explosive quality of the live show, as Brayden takes courageous steps experimenting with the KINGDOMS experience.

KINGDOMS is gearing up to release a self-produced second EP for Summer 2016. Look out for more info on these releases and remixes by following on your favorite social network at the bottom of this page.

The band name, KINGDOMS, comes from the zen principle of impermanence. After Brayden lost both parents in recent years, he went on a soul-searching journey to redefine his own purpose and meaning in life. According to KINGDOMS, "No matter how big we may build fortune and success and our very own 'kingdom' on this planet, we'll eventually have to leave it all behind. At it's truest sentiment, it's a reminder to celebrate the moment, and for seeing things as they truly are - there’s a peaceful kind of empowerment that comes from that. Plus, I'm a huge Game of Thrones fan, and KINGDOMS seemed to be a fitting homage.”


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